Who We Are

Our Story

We are a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The ELCA is a church that is energized by lively engagement in our faith and life. The mission of campus ministry in the ELCA is to invite people in academic settings to engage more deeply with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the community that bears his name, so that they can discover and fulfill their vocation as disciples.

Through worship, study, fellowship and service, members of the academic community taste the fullness of God’s grace. As expansive as Christ’s love, campus ministry reaches out to all who teach and learn, inviting them to experience the challenge of following Jesus.

In 2018, the students and advisors chose to rebrand our ministry to: Crossroads Lutheran Campus Ministry at NDSU. Crossroads = connecting faith + life. For years our ministry was known as ULC/University Lutheran Center.

Crossroads Lutheran Campus Ministry is the is located on campus at NDSU. At the center of our ministry is radical hospitality and inclusion; love rooted in God’s gift of faith as we follow Jesus together. We strive to help people of all backgrounds shine with the light of Jesus Christ in every aspect of life. We offer worship, bible studies, mission trips, retreats, hang-outs, and free food among other things.

All are welcome.